Monta Vista Class of 1991
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 Monta Vista

Welcome to your
20th Year
High School Reunion!



Dear Classmates,

Do you remember our Senior year of high school at Monta Vista in 1991?  Do you remember being an adolescent, parking under the oak tree, the tardy bell ringing, our omnipresent food court and seagulls, hanging out, spirit rallies, homeroom?   Well it’s been 20- years, so we can’t blame you if you haven’t.   OMG , really!!!  
Well twenty years is surely long enough to have lots of news to share where everyone has had their share of challenges, successes, disappointments, and triumphs.
The MV Matadors Class of 91 is ready to rock again.   Your joining us on the evening of August 20th and for a picnic on August 21st will make this once in a lifetime event memorable.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.
The Reunion Committee!!!!